My ello friend Walter, with whom I started a collaboration with film swap (in work) gifted me a film. He treated this film with vodka before he sent it to me.
The results are amazing. For me it is like a throw back into the late 60′s and the psychedelic light shows I enjoyed in concerts.
I asked Walter about the treatment and he sent me two versions. So here is the version everybody can use without a darkroom:

Film(s) out of the box and put them into a container – if you have you can use a  developping tank – the container should be really good closable.
Fill in enough Vodka, so all film rolls are good covered. For one hour shake the container powerful 2 to 3 times every 5 minutes.
After one hour pour out the vodka and dry the filmrolls on the outside,heat your oven to ~50°Celsius (122° Fahrenheit) and put the rolls in for ~5 minutes.
Afterwards lay the film rolls for at least 3 weeks on a sunny windowsill.
Of course, if you try this, it is on your own risc!

The film was loaded into an old M42 camera

Schneider-Kreuznach Edixa-Xenar 1:2.8 50mm
FujiColor 200 with special Walter treatment

Hans-Jürgen Sommerfeld © 2017

PS: Walter is also here on WordPress: