My ello friend Walter, with whom I started a collaboration with film swap (in work) gifted me a film. He treated this film with vodka before he sent it to me.
The results are amazing. For me it is like a throw back into the late 60′s and the psychedelic light shows I enjoyed in concerts.
I asked Walter about the treatment and he sent me two versions. So here is the version everybody can use without a darkroom:

Film(s) out of the box and put them into a container – if you have you can use a  developping tank – the container should be really good closable.
Fill in enough Vodka, so all film rolls are good covered. For one hour shake the container powerful 2 to 3 times every 5 minutes.
After one hour pour out the vodka and dry the filmrolls on the outside,heat your oven to ~50°Celsius (122° Fahrenheit) and put the rolls in for ~5 minutes.
Afterwards lay the film rolls for at least 3 weeks on a sunny windowsill.
Of course, if you try this, it is on your own risc!

The film was loaded into an old M42 camera

Schneider-Kreuznach Edixa-Xenar 1:2.8 50mm
FujiColor 200 with special Walter treatment

Hans-Jürgen Sommerfeld © 2017

PS: Walter is also here on WordPress:



5 thoughts on “Vodka

  1. Danke Dir!
    Ich bin auch sehr angetan von der Wirkung. Endlich den Alkohol mal sinnvoll eingesetzt…
    Ich hatte hier noch eine Flasche Grappa rumstehen, die endlich sinnvolle Verwendung gefunden hat…


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