14 thoughts on “21mm (3)

  1. Thank you! I have a Nikon 20mm too and I love that since the 80’s…
    These are the first images I captured with the Zeiss 21mm – a complete film just to test and learn how to use it. The 21mm has a seperate view finder to install on top of the camera, so you can’t see the distance or time…
    But it works well and regarding the results, I am very happy with them.
    Maybe you are interested in what Ken Rockwell says about the lens:

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  2. Just had a look, I’m sure the AIS lenses are better made, the af feels quite plasticky, the 24mm af is good but not as good as my olympus 24mm 2.8. The Zeiss 21mm gets a good review K Rockwell, I have an old Rollei with 3.5 planer and that is a lovely lens.

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  3. Oh yes, Olympus built very good and sharp lenses!
    I am a big fan of those old AI / AIS Nikkor lenses. The only AF lenses I have are 1.4 50mm and the 1.8 85mm.
    Rollei is surely a dream with that lens!!

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  4. I’m in love with this (new) lens and I still have to learn how to use it.
    Though I already have a 18mm and a 20mm lens for my Nikon this one is different, as you have to use a seperate finder, mounted in the flashshoe of the camera…
    But it works and the lens is sharp as a Japanese Samurai sword 😉

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