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  1. Insight is great Juergen. I’ve been sitting here thinking about it. I think what I basically like about your work is that it consistently leads me to think! This is because I’m seeing you thinking. That makes a good picture because it”s ‘live’: I’m not just there looking at the scene, I’m in your head as well, seeing your reaction to it. I guess I prefer a photograph to be a statement of ideas. And I can’t help wondering if analogue media like film don’t somehow transport ideas better than digital . .

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  2. Hi Tom! Thank you for your kind comment.
    Yes, I think capturing with analog cameras is different. You have indeed to think and decide if, what and how you want to capture a picture or not. You only have 36 frames (eventually + 1 or 2). So you want to use these frames as reasonable as possible. Every frame that isn’t captured useful is a loss.
    Digital shooting is different. As I came from analog photography, I was used to shoot one capture and not series of tens or more of one motif. But what does the average digital shooter today? He uses zoom lenses, and shoots tens, hundreds of photos within seconds or minutes.
    Then he sits in front of his computer and searches for the best shoot(s) and starts editing them. Most of the edits are overdone.
    For me the creative process is not post editing, it is the seeing and capturing. The moment I press the shutter release button, the creative process is finished.
    I am ot against digital photography or editing, sometimes the sharpness of digital is a great opportunity.
    Shooting film is a more relaxing, decelerating way of photography and somehow life. For me on top it is a great therapy…


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